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They'll buy it online.

Whether it's from you or a competitor. Selling your product or service online is no longer special, it's expected. Get the tools you need to be successful online. 

Selling online shouldn't be a headache.

With the right set of tools to manage inventory, take payments, and track sales, selling online becomes vastly easier. 

Manage Inventory

Set up your online storefront any way you want—beautiful product collections, related product galleries, wishlist, quick add to cart, mini-cart and more. 

Get Paid

Offer customers secure online checkout. Choose from dozens of payment providers and methods, including Wix Payments, PayPal, credit/debit cards and in-person. 


Track Sales

Understand your customers better. Analyze your store’s data, monitor sales statistics, identify top customers and discover where visitors come from.


Sell Social

Sell on channels that your customers use every day, like Facebook and Instagram. Then, manage all your sales from one powerful platform.

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